Tower Bridge on fire (2022) – SOLD

New work, Painting

Materials: Neon acrylic on canvas
Size: 24″ x 36″inches (Unframed – but will be framed on purchase)
*SOLD TO PRIVATE COLLECTOR* Prints available only

This piece is part of a series of cityscapes exploring narratives around human emotional or social constructs – whether that be a reaction against physical objects or structures, or something entirely imagined. This piece explores the energy and emotion of city life, specifically London, and how our emotional connection to the spaces we inhabit and the experiences we have within cities can be superimposed onto buildings and structures, which become both the scaffold for experience but also remote and removed bystanders in the scenes.

Intended as a modern interpretation of the great masters of traditional landscape painting, this piece uses a very restrictive and brashly modern colour palette and blocky modern forms, casting Tower Bridge as a brutal central character in the scheme, and an intimidating gateway to the south of the River Thames.

Please contact me to enquire about pricing or prints, or to commission a piece in this series.